Tumbling track and Airtrack

The air-filled tumbling track is mainly used by gymnastics clubs to perform exercises in a safe way and with a low load on the joints.Tumbling track

The tumbling track is also increasingly seen in physical education in primary and secondary schools. Many exercises that are dangerous or difficult on the long mat can often be performed on a tumbling track without any problems.

But this growing popularity seems to be coming to an end with the arrival of affordable airtrack from, among others, MMS Sports.

Air supply at a tumbling track

As mentioned, a tumbling track is filled with air. Characteristic of these lanes is that the air must be supplied continuously via a noisy blower because the lanes are not airtight. And although these blowers have been technically improved in recent years, they still produce a lot of noise.

So keep this in mind during the lessons if you want to save your vocal cords a little. In addition, this continuous supply of air ensures that the pump runs for a long time and therefore consumes quite a bit of power.

Airtrack as an alternative to the tumbling track

Technically, the tumbling track has undergone significant development over the years. Initially, the track consisted of a surface with stitching every 20 centimeters. The result was that the take-off and landing planes were not completely flat.

The more modern courts no longer have these seams, resulting in a completely flat floor. This level floor is important to minimize the risk of injury.

A completely flat floor is also reflected in the successor to the tumbling track, the Airtrack. Just like the tumbling track, the Airtrack is filled with air. But the big difference is that the Airtrack is completely airtight.

Within a few minutes you can pump a full Airtrack, disconnect the pump and do your exercises or give an explanation without background noise. Because the pump only runs for a short time, you also save a lot on your energy bill.

Tumbling track and long mat in one

Actually, the comparison between a tumbling track and Airtrack is not quite correct. A big advantage of an Airtrack is that you can play with the air pressure. If you fully inflate an Airtrack, it takes on the jumping characteristics of a long mat, flat floor and short bounce to quickly do exercises in succession. If you let some air out, you create the more resilient surface of a tumbling track.

More information

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