Zeemeermin zwemmenMermaid swimming with a mermaid tail has been on the rise in the past 10 years and that’s a good thing. Mermaid swimming ensures that many children who otherwise hardly come to the pool after their swimming certificate are challenged to go swimming again. Not only good for fitness and creativity, but also for swimming safety!​

The result of this trend is that mermaid swimming lessons are sprouting like mushrooms. And while we applaud these classes, there are too many “instructors” who just do what they want. This false sense of safety makes children overconfident because they think they can swim well and this is dangerous.

Learn how to swim like a mermaid

We have a lot of contact with various swimming schools and swimming poolsall around Europe, but the Dutch “Word Zeemeermin” stands out in a positive way. The professionalism pursued by founder Tria, supported by a strong group of teachers, ensures that the Mermaiding lessons really help children swim better.

In addition to professional swimming lessons, “Word Zeemeermin” is now also a partner in the field of testing the Mermaid Sisters mermaid tails. And they take this task as seriously as the lessons. Thanks in part to their critical feedback, we are able to perfect our quality!

At “Word Zeemeermin” you can go for Mermaid swimming lessons, Children’s parties, Mermaid Fitness, Parent and child swimming, Clinics and School swimming. And although they have a base in the Netherlands, they are increasingly active throughout Europe. If you want to organize lessons in your area, please contact them for the possibilities via info@wordzeemeermin.nl or visit www.wordzeemeermin.nl.


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