Swimming with a mermaid tail has grown considerably in the past 10 years. More and more parents and swimming pools are seeing that this way of swimming ensures that children enjoy swimming more from an early age and that they also make many more swimming kilometers, which means that they swim much better. But if you want to buy a mermaid tail, it is not easy to determine which tail is good, safe and affordable. We have listed a few tips for you.

Buying a Mermaid Tail: what fabric?

Always check what material was used to make the mermaid tail. The fabric used for mermaid tails can be compared to that of a bathing suit. First, look at the weight of the fabric. Some tails are made of 150 or 200 grams lycra. The advantage of these lighter fabrics is that it is cheaper, which means that the prices of these tails are lower. A disadvantage is that this lighter material is very sensitive to wear, so that the first holes often appear after a few swims. In this case, cheap is often expensive. After testing various materials, we at Mermaid Sisters decided to only use 250 grams lycra.

Another way to determine the quality is the warranty period. The mermaid tails that are made of cheaper and lower quality material often come with a short warranty period of 1 to 3 months.

Zeemeermin staart materiaal

What is a suitable monofin?

Monovin verschillen

The monofin is an important part of the mermaid tail. These are offered in many different variants. Fully plastic, heavy and with straps/straps at the back. Variants with a lot of rubber.

But which one is good? You should be able to easily remove a monofin while swimming. In addition, it should not be too heavy, because then swimming is much more difficult and the children have less fun. We have tested dozens of monofins and ultimately opted for a light one that can take a beating.

The right size mermaid tail

When buying a mermaid tail, pay attention to the size! We often see that a larger size is chosen because they then enjoy it longer. So-called one size fits all are also offered. Or a size chart is used based on clothing sizes or age.

The only way to really determine the right size is this: measure the distance from the navel to the ankle. And the circumference of the waist. This way you ensure that the tail fits well so that they can enjoy maximum fun and can swim safely! View our page with more information about determining the right size.

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