​Electric Airtrack pump?

When you have an Airtrack (or sup), an electric Airtrack pump is almost indispensable. Manually inflating your Airtrack takes a lot of effort. An electric pump ensures that you hardly have to make any effort. But what exactly is an electric Airtrack pump? We explain it in detail:

What is an electric Airtrack pump?

An electric Airtrack pump is a pump that automatically inflates your Airtrack. Thanks to an electric pump, you don’t have to manually inflate the Airtrack. Manually inflating an Airtrack requires a lot of effort and takes a lot of time. In addition, it is difficult to manually pump up your Airtrack to the maximum, while an electric Airtrack pump does this effortlessly.

An electric Airtrack pump is not just an electric pump. Many standard pumps that you use for an air mattress or swimming pool, for example, have insufficient capacity to fully inflate an Airtrack.

elektrische airtrack pomp

Which Airtrack pump should I choose?

Which electric Airtrack pump you choose depends on the size. Up to 6 m2 (e.g. the 6 x 1 x 0.1) a 500W pump is sufficient. If your Airtrack is larger/wider, choose an 800W pump.

Did you know: Mermaid Sisters’ electric Airtrack pumps not only help with pumping, but you also have the option to use the pump to deflate your Airtrack? No hassle, but your Airtrack will be completely vacuumed within minutes!


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