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The MMS AirTrack is the ideal solution to safely do your tricks. Thanks to the non-slip coating, you won’t slip during practice. Our Airtracks are shock absorbing, which reduces the risk of injuries.

Choose your new AirTrack below. If you are still in doubt, take a look at our AirTrack explanation page for tips on what you should pay attention to so that you are sure that you choose the right one from all AirTracks.

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MMS AirTracks 10 cm high and 1 meter wide (3, 4, 5 and 6 meters long)

MMS AirTrack Blue 10 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog blauw

MMS AirTrack Teal 10 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog roze

MMS AirTrack Pink 10 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog roze

MMS AirTracks 20 cm high and 1 meter wide (3, 4, 5 and 6 meters long)​
+ Extra suspension compared to the 10 cm!

MMS AirTrack Blue 20 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 20 cm hoog blauw

MMS AirTrack Pink 20 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 20 cm hoog roze

MMS AirTracks 15 cm high and 1.5 meters wide (3, 4, 5 and 6 meters long)
+ Extra suspension and extra wide!


MMS AirTrack Blue 15cm/1.5m

MMS Airtrack 2 meter breed blauw

MMS AirTrack Pink 15cm/1.5m

MMS Airtrack 2 meter breed roze

MMS AirTrack Pro 30 cm high and 2 meters wide (3, 6, 8, 12 and 15 meters long)​
+ Maximum performance, extra wide and extra thick!

MMS AirTrack Pro

Airtrack 30 cm dik 2 meter breed



What is an AirTrack?

An AirTrack is an inflatable device. Unlike an inflatable air mattress, the top and bottom of an AirTrack are connected to each other with thousands of wires via a so-called DWF or Double Wall Fabric system.

With an AirTrack it becomes much easier to learn, for example, the back somersault, a bow or a free handstand. Also watch our AirTrack videos in which we show you how to learn them.

In addition, AirTracks are super light and compact, making them easy to use at home. Something that is certainly ideal now because many sports associations have closed their doors.

Airtrack Tara op MMS Airtrack
Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog blauw

AirTrack 4 x 1 x 0,1
349,- Now 239,-

MMS airtrack 1.5 meter breed 15 cm hoog

AirTrack 3 x 1,5 x 0,15
499,- Now 299,-

MMS airtrack teal 1.5 meter breed 15 cm hoog

AirTrack 5 x 1,5 x 0,15
699,- Now 449,-


The different parts of the AirTrack


The AirRoll gives confidence and a feeling of security when learning new tricks. For example, you can easily learn a FlikFlak by initially rolling it over the AirRoll.AirRoll blauw MMS



The Airbeam is a narrower version of the AirFloor. It is an ideal tool for practicing your balance beam exercises at home or in the gym. The soft landing and the fact that you sit low to the floor gives a lot more confidence making it easier to do them on the beam afterwards.AirTrack AirBeam roze


The AirFloor is a rectangular or square inflatable and airtight floor. It is 10 cm high and forms the basis for an AirTrack set. The floor is completely flat and stable and because it is inflated it absorbs a landing so that the load on the body is much less than with a normal gym floor.MMS Airtrack 2021


An AirBoard is an addition to the AirFloor. Thanks to the Velcro system, it is easy to attach to the AirFloor. You can use the AirBoard as extra support or, for example, to push off during a somersault.Airboard teal

Het AirBlock

The AirBlock is a thicker version of the AirBoard and can also be used to improve jumps from stance, as extra support and as an aid with take-off.

De AirTrack Bundel

With the AirTrack bundle you have all the important elements in one affordable bundle so that you can easily practice everything at home. The bundle consists of a 3 meter long AirFloor, an AirBlock, two Airboards and an AirRoll.Airtrack bundel blauw


What can you use the AirTrack for?

The AirTrack is now used for many different disciplines. Think of gymnastics, cheerleading and martial arts. But Freerunning also becomes a lot more fun with the different AirTrack parts and how about circus acts.

The soft but firm surface of the AirTrack makes it much easier to e.g. learn a bow, back flip or loose cartwheel!

Because the Airtrack is an incredibly compact package, you can take it everywhere to practice. And you are not dependent on the weather, because you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

The AirTrack is also a great choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness. The AirTrack makes it easy to master tricks that would be difficult or impossible on other surfaces. You can also use it as an obstacle course for your kids. The possibilities are endless!

The variety of thicknesses and air pressure makes it very easy to land or bounce safely, while being soft and fast like an air mattress. With an AirTrack you can do more tricks without fear of injury because they are so safe!


Different sizes AirTracks

The MMS Airtrack parts are available in different sizes. Which size is best for you, of course, depends on your budget, but also what you want to use the AirTrack for. The 3 metres, 4 meters and 5 meters are widely used at home.

This way you can use the 3 meters indoors. And if you have more space outside, you can attach a 3 meters to it with the special connector and you have a total of 6 meters.

For sports clubs, the longer Airtracks of 8 meters or longer are often an interesting option.

In addition, it is important to consider how thick an Airtrack should be. Professional gymnasts often opt for an Airtrack of 10 cm thick, but if you are looking for an all-round model, take a look at an Airtrack of 15 cm, 20 cm or 30 cm thick.


AirTracks and Mermaid Sisters?

After most swimming pools had to close in March 2020, the Mermaid Sisters started looking for alternative ways to keep moving in a fun way. They saw the AirTrack pass by in various videos on TikTok.

A nice alternative for the trampoline that they often sit on, but can also be used indoors! A search was immediately started for the right AirTrack. Another big challenge!

Ultimately, a manufacturer was found that can produce the AirTracks affordably and with the quality you are used to from Mermaid Sisters, a perfect combination. From now on you can contact us for Mermaid Tails and AirTracks!

Other names for airtrack

Incidentally, an air track is also sometimes described as:

Because of these many names, confusion can sometimes arise, but it is good to know that they all mean the same thing. A trampoline or a tumbling track is something different.

Frequently asked questions about Airtracks:

How expensive is an Airtrack?
You can buy a high-quality Airtrack with a 5-year warranty from 189,-.

Which Airtrack is suitable for home use?
Basicly every Airtrack is suitable for home use. Decide in advance whether you only want to use the Airtrack outside or also inside. Often there is less space inside. You can also choose 2 shorter Airtracks instead of 1 long one. If you have more space outside, you can easily connect both Airtracks up to 1 long with a track connector.

What can you do on an Airtrack?
You can use the Airtrack for many different things. In many sports he is already indispensable when practicing. Because it is waterproof, you can also use it as an alternative sup. And if you want to chill out, it’s a nice place to do this on the Airtrack.

What sizes of Airtracks are there?
Airtracks are available in sizes from 3 meters to no less than 15 meters.

Can an Airtrack be used on the water?
Yes, better quality Airtracks like the MMS Airtrack can go on the water because they are waterproof. The technique of an Airtrack is the same as that of a stand up paddle board, but in a different form.

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Bianca Teuns
Nice and responsive customer service, lightning fast delivery, product completely as described. Perfect experience.
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rebecca bruyndonckx
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Kaat Van Hoeymissen
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Seppe Tielen
Airtrack voor dochterlief besteld. Vanwege de populariteit niet op voorraad, maar we werden netjes op de hoogte gehouden van het proces en de airtrack werd keurig op de afgesproken datum bezorgd. De handige opbergtas, de pomp en de verzendkosten zitten bij de prijs in, dus geen verrassingen of teleurstelling achteraf! Airtrack voldoet aan de verwachtingen, is stevig en ziet er mooi uit! Supervriendelijke en snelle communicatie, zo blij dat we niet bij een Aziatische website besteld hebben! Mocht je een airtrack willen aanschaffen, twijfel niet en bestel 'm hier!
Janneke van de Hulsbeek
Janneke van de Hulsbeek
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Bianca Bruurs
Airtracks zijn echt goed, wat mij opviel was dat de kwaliteit veel beter was dan van de andere merken airtracks die ik heb besteld. Ook super dat je de airtrack met de pomp zowel kan opblazen als leegzuigen.
Dennis Visser
Dennis Visser
Na een goede ervaring met de zeemeermin staart, zijn wij ook voor de airtrack gegaan. Ook hierin doen de dames hun goede naam eer aan. De airtrack maakt waar wat hij belooft, goede kwaliteit en inclusief geleverd. Binnen hooguit 30 seconden is de airtrack opgepompt en even snel ook weer leeg. Door de Corona issues is de airtrack iets langer onderweg geweest, maar het was het wachten waard!
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Marja Guitoneau
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Jolanda Janssens
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