New Mermaid Tails

The Mermaid Sisters Tara & Isa are proud to present their own new collection of lightweight mermaid tails! All unique designs that the girls made together with 3 professional fashion designers. In addition to new designs, we have made the new collection of Mermaid Tails even better than last year:

✅ Safe swimming thanks to the lighter fabric and monofin
✅ An enchanting effect due to the extra glossy layer
✅ Less wear due to the improved protection on the tips of the tail
✅ Enjoy your mermaid tail for longer due to the extra sturdy 4-way stretch fabric

We deliver the new collection including a 12-month full exchange guarantee. If you are living in or around (+10km) of Lagos Portugal, we can deliver or you can pickup your order from our warehouse.


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Mermaid Sisters