Protecting your AirTrack – 3 tips




The AirTrack is known for making sports a lot safer. Their sturdiness and flexibility allow you to perform flips and other complex exercises with confidence, without landing hard. Your joints do not have to absorb hard blows by using an AirTrack, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries.
To ensure that you can continue to use your AirTrack in a safe way, there are a number of things that are important to protect your AirTrack.
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Prevent damage

There are a number of precautions you can take to prevent damage to your AirTrack . For example, take off your shoes at all times when using an AirTrack. Watch out for sharp objects near your AirTrack. The underside of the mat must also be free of sharp objects, so make sure that you clean the surface well before you put the AirTrack down.
It is also recommended to use an Airtrack mat under your Airtrack. This dampens the sound, ensures that your Airtrack does not slide and helps protect your Airtrack against holes.

Transporting an AirTrack

Be careful when moving the AirTrack. Never drag the mat on the floor, but lift it up on the sides. If you want to use the AirTrack outside, it is recommended to use a clean surface. In this way you ensure that the mat is damaged less quickly.

Provide adequate air pressure

To prevent damage, make sure there is enough air in the AirTrack before using it. At warm temperatures you will notice that the air pressure increases, while it decreases when it gets a bit colder. Are you planning to leave the AirTrack outside? Then it is a good idea to pump a minimum amount of air into it, to prevent overpressure at warmer temperatures.
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