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The trampoline has been a super popular toy for years and you can see them in many backyards. Yet the trampoline seems to be losing more and more ground compared to the Airtracks because it can also be used indoors and even on the water. If you still want to buy a trampoline or if you want to combine a trampoline with the advantages of an Airtrack , we will gladly give you some tips about the different types and sizes.

Different types of trampolines

When purchasing a trampoline, it is good to see whether you want to dig in the trampoline or not. If you want to dig in the trampoline, choose an inground or buried trampoline. If digging in is not an option, choose a trampoline on legs.

The advantages of an inground trampoline are:

• He is less noticeable. Especially in smaller gardens, a trampoline on legs can be quite present and, for example, block the view.

• Safety. Because the difference in height between jumping and the ground floor is reduced, an inground trampoline is safer. Children can fall less hard if they end up next to the trampoline.

• You don’t need a ladder to get on the trampoline, which makes it easier especially for the smaller children.

Disadvantages of an inground trampoline:

• An inground trampoline will wear out faster than a trampoline on legs due to the moisture in the ground.

• To ensure that you do not touch the ground under the trampoline while jumping, a large hole will have to be dug.

• A trampoline on legs is easier to move than an inground.

You can also choose from a rectangular, oval or round trampoline. With a rectangular trampoline you jump less quickly on the edge or when you sprint against each other. This makes a rectangular trampoline safer than a round one. Professional trampolines are also always rectangular.

Rectangular trampolines are often more expensive because more steel is needed for production. The oval trampoline is therefore a nice middle ground between the round and rectangular trampoline.

Choose the right size for your trampoline

Choosing the right size for your trampoline is very important for safety and fun. For the diameter of a round trampoline, you can look at the age. For younger children, it is better to choose a maximum of 366 cm. From the age of 6 you choose a trampoline with a diameter of at least 214 cm because otherwise it will be difficult to do tricks. From the age of 10, 270 cm is the minimum diameter to be able to do some nice flips and other tricks.

The most sold round trampoline size is 305 cm because it is actually suitable for all ages.

If a 305 cm does not fit in your garden, you can also look at an oval or rectangular version. Because the bigger the jumping surface, the more fun!

safety net

If you choose a trampoline on legs, always make sure you have a safety net. The difference in height with the ground is very large. With an inground trampoline, the difference in height is a lot smaller and therefore a safety net is not necessary. But you can choose to combine it with an inground trampoline so that you can let the kids jump with confidence.

Which brand of trampoline to buy?

There are many different brands of trampolines available. This great competition also causes large price and quality differences. Keep in mind that a good trampoline can last for years and higher quality of the springs, frame and safety net increases the jumping fun. In our opinion, the best trampolines in terms of price/performance that you can buy in the Netherlands and Belgium are the Salta trampolines. More information about the Salta trampoline can be found on the Salta website .

MMS AirTrack Blue 10 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog blauw

MMS AirTrack Teal 10 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog roze

MMS AirTrack Pink 10 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 10 cm hoog roze

MMS AirTrack Blue 20 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 20 cm hoog blauw

MMS AirTrack Pink 20 cm high

Airtrack 3 meter 1 meter breed 20 cm hoog roze

MMS AirTrack Pro

Airtrack 30 cm dik 2 meter breed


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