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Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us!​

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Delivery and payment

What our your shipping options? is a Lagos – Portugal based company. It is possible to pickup your order from our local warehouse, no additional costs. We can also deliver your order in and around (+10km) of Lagos, Portugal. Delivery costs are 10,-.

And we can ship your order within the EU, shipping costs are 29,95 per order. Delivery time is around 3 – 6 days within EU.

How can I pay?

You can pay by creditcard. If you choose pickup from Lagos, or delivery within 10km around Lagos you can also pay by cash on delivery.

Exchange and return

How much warranty do you give?
We supply high quality mermaid tails and airtracks at an affordable price. The prices speak for themselves and the quality is reflected in our warranty. Our mermaid tails come with a 1 year warranty. Our new Airtrack collection comes with a 5-year warranty. Excluded from this warranty are wear and tear and physical damage. If in doubt, always contact us.

Can I exchange my product?

You can always exchange a product within 30 days of receipt. For mermaid tails, however, this is only possible if you have not yet swam with them. AirTracks must still be in new condition. Please contact us in advance to arrange an exchange.

I want to return my order and request my money back, how do I do that?
You always have the right to return your order within 14 days of receipt and to get your money back. For mermaid tails, however, this is only possible if you have not yet swam with them. AirTracks must still be in new condition. Always contact us for a return number before returning.

I received my product damaged, what should I do?
We check the products for damage both in the factory and in our warehouse. If we overlook something, we will of course solve this with you immediately. Check immediately after receipt of your order whether there is any damage. If this is the case, please let us know within 3 days of receipt.

I still want to make an adjustment to my order, is that still possible?
If you have not yet received confirmation that we have shipped your order, you can always make an adjustment to your order.


Other questions about the AirTrack

Why are your AirTracks cheaper than many other providers?
We get this question all the time. We would like to turn the question, “why are they so expensive?” 😉

The production of AirTracks is becoming more and more affordable. However, many suppliers are still holding on to the old price level. A number of them still work with an older and more expensive production process, so they have to keep prices high. In addition, there are also providers who can deliver cheaper but opt ​​for a higher profit because many people are still willing to pay their high prices.

Just like we have been doing with the mermaid tails for a number of years, we choose to provide high quality AirTracks for an affordable price.

Are your AirTracks waterproof?
Yes, of course! So you can use the AirTrack on the water without any problems.

Is there a difference between the front and back of the AirTrack?
Yes. All Airtracks are fitted with Velcro on 1 side. This allows you e.g. attach an additional AirTrack. The other side has a line across the middle.




Other questions about the mermaid tail

When can my child swim with a mermaid tail?
We recommend that children only swim with a Mermaid Tail when they are already feel free in the water and are good swimmers. In addition, there must always be adult supervision.

How can I maintain my mermaid tail?
The best way to properly maintain your mermaid tail is to rinse it with cool water after swimming and let it dry thoroughly before putting it back away. A cold setting in the washing machine is possible, but it will be at the expense of the lifespan.

How do I put on the tail?
The easiest way to put on the tail is when it is dry and your feet are wet. You roll the tail all the way up until you see the black fin. You sit on the edge of the pool and then place your feet in the monofin and roll the tail up over your legs as far as possible. You can do the last bit while you jump into the bath.

I would like to order a number of tails for my swimming school, what are my options?
Please contact us for this.

What shoe size are the monofins for?
The tails in sizes 6 to 12 are supplied with a monofin that is suitable for sizes 31 to 38. From size XS the tails are supplied with a monofin that is suitable for size 35 and larger.

How do I choose the right size?
Use our handy size chart to determine which size Mermaid Tail is best for you. If you are not sure about the size, you can always contact us! More information can be found on the page “Mermaid tail which size“.

Can I also order a mermaid tail without monofin?
Do you already have a Mermaid Sisters monofin and would you like an extra, larger or new model of mermaid tail? In that case, please contact us for the options.




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