To determine the right size, it is important that you know the circumference of the waist and the distance from the navel to the ankles. Note: the size says nothing about the age. Size 8 is therefore not necessarily for an 8-year-old. Always measure the waist and length, view the detailed information below.

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Send us an email with the circumference of the waist and the distance from the belly button to the ankle. You will receive our size advice in your mailbox!

Mermaid tail what size: waist

The mermaid’s tail should not be able to fall down while swimming. That is why it is important that you look at the circumference of the waist. You measure your waist over your belly button. Be careful not to pull the centimeter too tight, keep a finger between your body and the centimeter. After you have measured the waist, continue to measure the distance from the navel to the ankle.

But what about the length?

Although the waist is the most important, the length should also fit well. Because the fabric is stretch, you have some slack here. If the size chart indicates 85 – 94 cm then this is the ideal length. But if the actual length is 97 cm, the tail will also fit fine in this case. A deviation of a few centimeters (higher or lower) is therefore no problem. To measure the length, measure the distance between your belly button and your ankle. The best way to measure this is along the side of the leg.

Now that you have both sizes, you can use the size chart to determine the correct size. You can find the size chart here: Mermaid tail size chart

We regularly hear that someone prefers to buy a mermaid tail a size larger, so that they can last longer. This is understandable in itself, but keep in mind that this does not benefit swimming pleasure and wearing comfort. You can also choose to sell your “old” tail at a later time and buy a size larger.

If you are in between 2 sizes in terms of size, you can choose the largest. If it is still a bit too wide, you can easily take in the waist.

If you are not sure which size you need, you can always contact us!


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